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Website Creation

A website that's inspiring and simple to use

Are you ashamed of your travel agency website? Is it just like every other site your host agency provides? Is your website MIA, but you know you need one?

You're in the right place. It's time for a new website.

But you don't want just any website. You want a travel agent website that is easy to use, brings in clients you want to work with, and that you don't have to spend hours trying to figure out how to update or maintain.

You want a Savvy Travel Advisor website.

What makes a Savvy Travel Advisor Website different?

They're made specifically for you.


Yes, you. The busy travel agent who doesn't have the time (or interest) to spend hours figuring out how all the tech works but wants a website that's full of personality and helps you get more clients you want to work with.

You don't need to be tech-savvy, know how to code, understand what DNS is or what your domain registrar does, write amazing website copy, or integrate your website with services like Google Analytics and then try to understand the data.

In fact, even if you don't know what any of those words mean, you can still use your new website.

You want a beautiful website that you're proud of, and that helps potential clients find you and click that "contact" button. And with a Savvy Travel Advisor website, that's exactly what you get.

Not only that, your new travel agency website will be optimized for search engines, with keywords to help customers who are looking for your services find you.

What you get with our websites

A purple checkmark inside of a gear, to show completed, simple travel agency marketing


For you.

For your website visitors.

Easy to navigate and easy to maintain withouth tech stress.

A purple lightbulb with a heart-shaped filament, to demonstrate how inspiring a good travel agency website can be


Clear words that connect with clients you want to work with.

Stunning photos and graphics that grab attention and inspire wanderlust.

A purple outline of a hand touching a phone screen, to show an optimized, mobile-friendly travel agency website


Designed to help people find you when they search.


Fully connected to analytics platforms if you want to dive into the data.

Travel Agency Website Creation Packages

Starter Website

  • 60 minute strategy call

  • Keyword research

  • One-liner or tagline development

  • 3 pages of SEO optimized website copy (homepage, about, and contact)

  • Website design and build for 3 pages, plus blog capability, on the Wix platform*

  • Domaine connection*

  • Video walkthroughs for using and editing your site, plus how to publish blog posts

  • Connection to Google Analytics and Google Search Console

  • 1 round of revisions

Price: $2,997

Established Agency

  • Everything from the starter website package, plus:

  • 2 additional pages of website copy (5 total, adding FAQ and Destinations or Services pag)

  • Voice of Customer research to help your copy convert browsers into clients

  • 2 additional rounds of revisions (3 total)

  • Website design and build for 2 additional pages

  • Back-end SEO optimization strategy, including page linking and submission of all pages to search engines

Price: $3,597

Travel Professional

  • Everything in the Starter and Established packages, plus:

  • One additional page of website copy (6 total)

  • Design/build of one additional website page

  • A lead generating PDF to grow your email list

  • A 4-email nurture campaign to send to new email subscribers

  • Copy for 4 SEO-optimized blog posts

  • ConvertKit setup for automatic lead generator fulfillment and email nurture campaigns*

  • Conversion of current email list/client list to ConvertKit

Price: $4,997

Most Popular

How you get it:

1. Schedule a consultation

2. You'll get an email with a calendar link to choose a 20-minute consultation time that works for both of us. Because neither of us wants to sit on the phone alone. Sort of defeats the purpose.

3. We'll chat about your website, I'll answer any questions you have, and we'll figure out which package is right for you, your budget, and your website goals. Yes, pricing plans are available, we can discuss options on our call.

4. I'll start creating your beautiful website, complete with copy that sparkles with your personality and gets you more clients that you want to work with. On our call we'll go over the exact timeline, but it normally takes 4-8 weeks from start to finish.

Still have questions? Ask away!

  • Also check out the Tools of the Trade page for specific resources I recommend for travel agents.

*A paid premium Wix subscription will be required and is set up directly with Wix. This cost is additional.

*If you don't already have a website domain, I can assist you with purchase and registration. The cost of the domain is additional.

*A free or paid ConvertKit subscription will be required and is set up directly with ConvertKit. The cost of a paid ConvertKit plan is additional.

Want to grow your travel agency but have no idea where to start? Take our super simple, 7-question quiz to find out!

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