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Hi, I'm Joanne!


What I do


I help you grow your travel business using the amazing power of words (aka copy) to attract the clients you want to work with. Those same words repel the tire kickers and time wasters that you don’t want to work with.

That means you get more clients, make more money, and waste less time. Sounds pretty ideal, right?

Joanne Herd, owner of The Savvy Travel Advisor, which provides custom travel agency website and travel agency marketing services

Who it's for


Travel agents who dream of taking your business to the “next level”. Whether that next level is getting your first client, hiring your first employee, or hitting your first $1 million (or $10 million, sky’s the limit here!) in sales.

Why you want it


Because you want a travel business that supports a life you love, that allows you to travel and share the love of travel with others, and doesn’t include working 60 hour weeks with clients who end up wasting your time.


How it works


We’ll schedule a free consultation call to talk about your business, your goals, and take a look at your current website, social media, and blog (It’s ok if you don’t have any of these yet, in that case your website will be the first thing I create for you).


You let me know what your “next level” looks like. Is it more clients? Higher revenue trips? A sales goal?


Whatever that next step is, we go over what it’ll take to get you there and how I can help you with marketing that makes the right clients shout “Yes! I want you to plan my next trip! Sign me up!”


What to do next

Ready to take your travel business to the next level? Click here to schedule your free consultation call.


Let's get started! You’re about to become a Savvy Travel Advisor.

Wanna know more about me?

10 fun and random facts






I wanted to be a travel agent when I was 12, but by the time I graduated high school I didn't think they still existed so I went a different direction.

I majored in History and Religious Studies, which was fascinating, but not great for finding a job after college. I did have to write, a lot, which turned out to be great training in how to write things people don't want to read.

I spent 4 years studying self defense and defensive tactics. It’s a great workout, and means I don’t worry about being able to take care of myself when I’m traveling!

My worst job was cleaning kennels in a pet shop. Do you know how they get rid of dog poop in a pet shop? Hint: It involves a sink with a garbage disposal. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

I started my own travel agency in 2017. When I figured out my agency wasn’t attracting the clients I wanted, I started learning everything I could about marketing, website design, and copywriting. I put those things together and started The Savvy Travel Advisor in 2022.






I’m a natural mimic. Whether it’s a person or an animal, I can probably mimic it fairly accurately without too much effort. I went fishing with my grandpa once and, after I got tired of waiting for fish to bite (serious snooze fest) I ran around learning how to shriek like a seagull. Grandpa was quite impressed! No idea what anyone else thought…

In high school I wanted to move to LA and be an actress. I was in every school play, musical, concert choir and our select vocal ensemble.

I’ve always been super quiet with other people, but I also love being on stage and performing. I’m not an introvert, instead I refer to myself as a shy extrovert.

I love to cook and try new recipes. I also find grocery stores some of the most interesting places to visit in new countries.


I can wiggle my eyebrows independently and make them do the wave. I saw it on TV when I was little and didn’t know it was weird, so just started doing it. Apparently it’s weird.

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