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Website Copy

You built it and...crickets 🦗

You have a website, but if you took the "contact" or "free consultation" button off, no one would actually notice. Because it never gets used.


It's vegging on the couch watching Netflix and eating Cheetos when it's supposed to be working for you.


Usually there's a simple reason for that.

Reason 1 - Your website design is making people run away. Like, far away. Maybe it looks dated or cluttered. In that case it's time for a whole new site.

Reason 2 -  The words on your site (aka the copy) aren't reaching out and grabbing the attention of the clients you really want. I've been here. It sucks, but we can fix it.

If your website looks great but your "contact" button needs to be yanked off the couch, cleaned up and put to work, it's time to take care of the real issue.

It's time for a copy refresh.

What's a copy refresh?

It's new words, or copy, that make your website visitors understand how freakin' amazing you are and why they want you to book their next trip.


They click that "free consultation" button because they're excited to work with you!

What can a copy refresh can do for you?

A purple outline of a computer monitor with connected circles, showing a well-connected travel agent website


Those website visitors? They want you to be the agent for them.

They're tired of going from travel agent site to site.

Let's make them stop and say "Yes! I want you to book my next amazing trip!"

A purple outline of a briefcase with a check mark, demonstrating the clients a travel advisor will get with their effective travel agency marketing


Your website visitor is ready and eager to get started!


[Clicks that "schedule" button.]

Yay, a new client!

Oh, is that not happening for you now? It will be!

A purple outline of a credit card reader with a credit card being swiped to demonstrate making money with an effective travel agency website


Ok, I really needed another word that starts with "C" because it looks pretty.

But you get the point.

More connection + new clients = money in your pocket (aka currency).


Travel Agency Website Copy Packages

Startup Agency

  • 60 minute strategy call

  • Keyword research to help potential clients find you

  • One-liner or tagline development

  • 3 pages of SEO optimized website copy (homepage, about, and contact)

  • 1 round of revisions

Price: $1,497

Established Agency

  • Everything from the starter package, plus

  • 2 additional pages of website copy (5 total, adding FAQ and a Destinations or Services page)

  • 2 additional rounds of revisions (3 total)

Price: $1,997

Travel Professional

  • Everything in the established package, plus

  • One additional page of website copy (6 total)

  • A lead generating PDF

  • A 4-email series for new email subscribers

  • 4 SEO-optimized blog posts

Price: $2,997

Most Popular

How you get it:

1. Schedule a consultation

2. You'll get an email with a calendar link to choose a 20-minute consultation time that works for both of us. Because neither of us wants to sit on the phone alone. Sort of defeats the purpose.

3. We'll chat about your website, I'll answer any questions you have, and we'll figure out which package is right for you, your budget, and your website goals. Yes, pricing plans are available, we can discuss options on our call.

4. I'll start creating your beautiful website, complete with copy that sparkles with your personality and gets you more clients that you want to work with. On our call we'll go over the exact timeline, but it normally takes 4-6 weeks from start to finish.

Still have questions? Ask away!

  • Also check out the Tools of the Trade page for specific resources I recommend for travel agents.

Want to grow your travel agency but have no idea where to start? Take our super simple, 7-question quiz to find out!

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