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Travel Agency Marketing - What Exactly Is It?

Updated March 15, 2024

Ever find yourself scrolling through breathtaking photos of far-off destinations and thinking, "Wow, I need to be there"?

Well, behind every captivating image and irresistible travel deal lies the unsung hero of the travel world: travel agency marketing.

But what exactly is travel agency marketing?

Let's jump in and talk about what, exactly, is marketing and its role in the travel industry. And more specifically, its role in your travel agency.

What exactly Is travel agency marketing?

At its core, travel agency marketing is all about storytelling.

It's the art of crafting compelling stories that invite potential adventurers to explore new destinations. Every travel package you sell is an adventure waiting to be had, and your mission is to entice the audience not just to listen but to step in and be part of the story.

It's about connecting the right traveler with the perfect journey, using a blend of creativity, strategy, and maybe a dash of magic.

The many paths of travel agency marketing

The world of travel marketing is as vast and varied as the destinations we long to visit.

Let's take a look at the different types of digital marketing that make up the overall marketing picture.

Content Marketing

Think of content marketing as the travel brochure of the digital age.

But instead of static pages, you're weaving  stories that transport readers to the cobblestone streets of Rome or the serene beaches of Bali. It's your chance to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of destinations, sharing insider tips, and hidden gems that make each journey unforgettable.

Most of the time when people talk about content marketing in the digital marketing world, it's specifically referring to a blog. A travel blog can be an essential part of your marketing strategy, and allow you to reach new audiences and potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

A woman looking at travel agency marketing on a social media account

More often than not, when people have questions about marketing, they're only thinking about social media marketing.

While social media marketing can be an important part of your overall marketing strategy, it doesn't begin and end there!

Whether you choose to be on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn or YouTube (or any other social media platform), one thing to keep in mind is that you don't control your results.

Each of these companies have their own algorithm that determines what gets seen, when and by how many people. So while it is free (unless you pay for advertising or boosting posts), your marketing efforts can be in vain if you don't have a good strategy and understand each platform's algorithm.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The Map to Visibility

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are both parts of your website digital marketing strategy.

By using keywords and phrases that people are searching for, you can have your website show up in search results when people are searching for specific things.

In order for keywords to work, you need to narrow down the list of keywords you're trying to rank for as part of your digital marketing plan. Too many and you'll never create enough content to rank for any of them. Too few, or too specific, and you'll never outrank the big online travel agencies and your content wont be seen.

Influencer and Partnership Marketing

Yes, there is a place in travel agency marketing for partnership and influencer marketing.

Is there a travel content creator who appeals to the audience you'd like to attract? Reach out to them and ask if you can help plan a trip. Not that you'll be providing things for free, but that you'll be providing your planning services for free.

As part of the partnership agreement, they tag your agency as the partner who made this adventure possible.

It's not a strategy that I'd recommend with a huge content creator, but if there's a smaller account whose content your audience would also enjoy, try working together to grow each others' travel business.

Working together with a travel blogger is also an option. Many bloggers are looking for places to guest post, so if you have a strong website and blog platform you may be able to guest post and grow from each others audience.

You can also partner with other travel advisors. Do you have a specific niche, but often get requests outside of it? Find another advisor with a different niche and share leads.

Email Marketing

While email marketing is the most effective form of digital marketing, it can only happen once potential clients know you exist and decide to join your email list. It's your direct line to potential travelers.

The beauty of email marketing is that it reaches people, who have already asked to hear from you, someplace that is personal to them. Aka, their inbox.

The key to good email marketing is personalization. Just as no two travelers are the same, no two emails should be either.

Tailor your messages to fit the interests and dreams of your audience, and watch as your open rates climb.

The bottom line

Each of these types of travel agency marketing has its pros and cons, and they work best as part of an overall digital marketing strategy.

One size doesn't fit every travel company, and no single marketing strategy works on its own. 

It's all about finding the right combination for you and your specific travel agency.

At The Savvy Travel Advisor we specialize in helping travel advisors grow their travel company through custom websites, website copy, and marketing strategies. If you're ready to take your marketing efforts from haphazard to simple and clear, contact us and let's get started!


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