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Your Travel Blog: One Idea, Multiple Platforms!

Updated November 29, 2023

Picture this: You're sitting at your computer, brimming with excitement, and you've got your travel blog idea all mapped out—a thrilling destination guide that's bound to captivate your readers.

You pour your heart into crafting the perfect post, and you hit the "Publish" button.

But what happens next? All too often, that brilliant piece of content gets buried in the depths of your blog, collecting e-dust like a forgotten relic.

Let’s put a stop to that! It’s time to dust off those hidden gems and put them to work for you.

No more letting your creativity and hard work go to waste - we’re going to make your travel blog ideas and posts work harder and smarter. It’s time for them to elevate your travel agency website and take your marketing efforts to the next level!

Let’s breathe new life into your content, captivate your audience, and unlock the full potential of your blog post ideas. It’s time to get started!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

Generating travel blog ideas

First things first. Before you can write an amazing travel blog, you need ideas of what to write about.

You might be wondering, “Where on Earth (pun intended) do I find time to come up with fresh, engaging travel blog post ideas? After all, I'm not a travel blogger!”

No need to fear! If you don’t have one already, it’s time to start a travel blog idea list. It can be a hard copy list, a note on your computer or phone, or even an Excel spreadsheet.

Think of this list as your creative pantry, stocked with all kinds of ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Add every blog post idea you have to it.

Next, you need to start rounding out your content idea pantry. How do you do that? Try a couple of these ideas:

Regular brainstorming sessions: Don't wait for a lightning-bolt blog topic idea during a midnight snack-run. Set aside time for planned brainstorming, going all Indiana Jones on digging up gem-like ideas.

Get blog post ideas from other travel blogs: I’m not endorsing idea-theft. But a little inspiration hustle from peers? That's just being resourceful! Plus, reading other blogs keeps you tuned into the latest trends.

Observe daily life: The best stories can (and do) come from everyday experiences. A casual chat with a frequent traveler friend, a snap from your last ski trip or a travel story from that intriguing food festival could all birth a great idea.

Harness some online help: When it comes to finding a new travel blog post idea, AI can be your best friend. While it may not be great at creating outstanding travel content without a lot of help (I’ve tested pretty much every program out there, they all leave a lot to be desired) one thing AI does really well is come up with ideas. Head over to ChatGPT and type in something like “travel blog post ideas about [fill in the blank]. You could have hundreds of ideas within 30 minutes or less.

Every idea that pops into your head, no matter how small, has potential. By keeping them in one place, you’ll never run short of exciting potential blog posts. Your followers will notice, and so will your website analytics.

Using blog content on your travel agency website

Now that you have a whole bunch of travel blog ideas, what do you do next? You use them all over your travel agency website!

Each blog post can be so much more than just a single post. It can be used in a variety of places on your website. Consider some of these options:

Home Sweet Home(Page): Your travel agency website's homepage is the grand entrance to your content kingdom. Welcome visitors with a carousel or featured section showcasing your top-performing blog posts.

These eye-catching snippets will entice curious travelers to delve deeper into your blog, creating a perfect union between your website and your captivating blog content.

Widgets and Sidebars: Sprinkle a dash of blog magic on every page with carefully placed widgets and sidebars. Feature recent blog posts, popular articles, or themed content that complements the main page's focus.

This not only keeps your website fresh and dynamic but also invites visitors to explore more of your inspiring travel blog ideas.

Call to Action - CTAs: Convert curious readers into enthusiastic clients with strategically placed call-to-action buttons.

Whether it's enticing them to subscribe to your newsletter for more travel tales or guiding them to book a dream vacation, CTAs are like breadcrumbs leading travelers down the path of adventure.

About Us - Show Off Your Travel Expertise: Your blog content reflects your passion and expertise as a travel agent. So why not showcase it in the "About Us" section?

Share snippets of your most insightful blog posts or weave your travel experiences into your agency's story. This personal touch creates a strong connection with potential clients, transforming them into loyal followers.

By integrating your travel blog ideas into other parts of your website, you create a symphony of content that resonates with your audience, while only needing to do the heavy lifting once.

More bang for your buck - Repurposing content

Now that you’ve used your blog content on your website, it’s time to use it in other parts of your travel agency marketing as well.

Repurposing content means giving your fantastic blog posts a new lease on life, like a phoenix rising from the ashes (minus the dramatic fiery entrance).

So, how do we weave this magical content repurposing spell? Let's explore some ways to breathe new life into your travel blog ideas:

Newsletters and email blasts: Send a weekly email to your email list with the latest blog post teaser so your subscribers can click through and read it. Not only does it keep your audience engaged, but it also gives your blog content the spotlight it deserves.

You can also do an email roundup of several blog posts about related topics and send them to your email subscribers.

Social Media: Extend the reach of your blog content by sharing it across your social media platforms. Tease your audience with captivating snippets and direct them to your website for the full adventure.

Social media may not generate a lot of clients for you, but you can use it to lead more potential travelers to your blog and your travel agency website. Use a link in bio tool, like Later, on Instagram to link each blog-related post directly to the blog post on your website.

Guides and E-Books: Gather your best blog posts around a common theme, like travel tips or a specific destination, and turn them into a ultimate guide or e-book. Use it on your website as an opt-in to grow your email list.

Videos: Are you good on camera? Turn snippets of your posts, or the entire post, into a video you can use on YouTube or other social media channels to extend your blog’s reach. Some potential customers would much rather watch a video than read a blog.

The beauty of repurposing content lies in its ability to extend your blog's reach and engage with diverse audiences across various platforms.

Your blog ideas don’t need to be one-hit wonders. With a bit of repurposing your hard work can pay off and save you tons of time by not starting from scratch with every email and social media post.

Powering up your travel marketing

Repurposing your blog content allows you to unleash the full potential of each post. Let’s take a look at what it can do for your travel marketing efforts:

Increased Reach: Take your most popular blog post and turn it into bite-sized social media snippets. These captivating teasers pull people to your website, onto your email list, and suddenly your brand’s reach starts to multiply.

Maximized SEO: Repurposing your blog content into diverse formats creates a network of interlinked information. When search engines detect those connections, your website’s ranking starts to climb. The result? Your travel agency website starts showing up for eager travelers in search results.

Versatility: The true beauty of repurposing lies in its versatility. Let's say you turned your blog posts into captivating videos. Now those videos not only grace your website, but also find a home on YouTube, Instagram, and beyond. The more places they exist, the more chances you have to engage with your audience.

Credibility: When you gather your insightful, well-researched blog posts into powerful guides or e-books, you're creating authority. Your expertise as a travel advisor shines through, enchanting travelers and establishing your credibility in the travel industry.

Testimonials: A potential customer stumbles upon your engaging blog post, is captivated by your expertise, and becomes a loyal client. They're so thrilled with your services that they send you a heartfelt testimonial. These glowing reviews become valuable marketing treasures, showcasing the impact of your repurposed content.

Repurposed content unlocks hidden potential in your travel blog. What started as a simple idea can have its impact multiplied exponentially.

The bottom line

With repurposed content you can captivate your audience on various platforms and guide them straight to your travel agency website. No need to constantly create new content for every marketing platform. Instead, let your existing content do some of the work for you.


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